Soon you will attend the online workshop ‘Unplug to re-connect‘. During this workshop you will gain insight into your own disconnection profile and we will provide you with tools to deal with different forms of hyperconnectivity. You will go home with hands-on techniques to put the 3 forms of disconnection (digital, psychological and emotional) into practice.

If you haven’t attended the ‘Disconnect your digital brain’ webinar, then please watch the recorded version via Workday – please copy-paste this link into your internal PlanetSwift browser: https://wd3.myworkday.com/swift/email-universal/inst/17816$1258/rel-task/2998$29489.htmld

To match this training as closely as possible to your expectations, we would also like to ask you to answer 3 short questions. We are looking forward to it!

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What does your disconNECTION-TIME LOOK LIKE?

If we want to disconnect better, the first thing we need to do is to take a good look at how we allocate our time. During an average weekday, we often have a lot of to-do’s we want/need to tackle. These include things that need to be done at work as well as at home. Add to that the number of hours of sleep and that leaves only a few hours in which we can completely ‘unplug’. To prepare for the workshop, we would therefore like to ask you to chart your average working day.

Download the form on the left and indicate in the bar how many hours you spend on sleep, work, survival (household, children, …), and screens on an average weekday. (Each dash represents 1 hour) How much personal time remains?

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