Soon you will attend the online training ‘Leading in a Digital Age’. Hybrid working has changed a lot about how we work together as a team, how trust is built, and how people connect and disconnect.  This means that leading in a hybrid context also works differently from when the team is physically together every day.

That raises some questions:

  • As a leader, how can you continue to encourage autonomy while ensuring connection
  • How do you guard the boundary between work and private life
  • What agreements do you want to make in your team about how you want to work together?


This session gives leaders answers to these questions to successfully deal with this new way of working and maintain or even improve team performance.

You will go home with the hybrid framework© full of concrete techniques to consciously build the ‘new way of working’ around the expectations and capabilities within your team.

To match this training as closely as possible to your expectations, we would like to ask you to answer 3 short questions. We are looking forward to it!

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